Thursday, November 20, 2008

These People Really Exist #1

Date: 11/19/08
Place: Karaoke night, a backwoods bar somewhere in New Jersey
Person: Incredibly Ignorant Guy Who Thinks Music Didn't Exist Until 1994

A friend of IIGWTMDEU1994 signed him up to sing Prince's classic "Purple Rain". Upon being called to the stage and being informed of the song he was set to perform, he proclaimed complete ignorance of the song or movie "Purple Rain". Figuring that any stage time is good stage time, he attempted to sing the song anyway. About twenty seconds into it, he threw up his hands in defeat.

Quote: "What is this... this is Prince? Prince wrote this? This is horrible."

He should have been shot on site then and there. He would later perform a version of Limp Bizkit's "Faith" that was highly accurate. (He has mastered the "scream-sing" technique favored by vocalists of the genre). These people really exist.