Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Steal Music

So, long story short, this past weekend a massive electrical fire vaporized 2/3rds of my DJ equipment. I decide it's a good time to make the jump to "laptop DJ". So I've bought my laptop and new mixer and all that, and am doing research into some DJ software.

However, it seems that all of the songs I have dutifully purchased from the iTunes store, with their "DRM" (digital rights management) are pretty much either
a) unplayable by most DJ software programs, or
b) not cue-able by most DJ software programs (in other words, you can't listen to the song in your headphones before you play it live)

In another display of why the music industry continues to ream itself in the ass, then continually complain about people illegally downloading music (and sometimes suing them for thousands of dollars). This is why I will continue to blame Lars Ulrich for most of the world's ills. Thanks again, Lars.