Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fonts I hate

In another life, I was a graphic designer. Probably not a very good one, maybe I made some shitty local concert posters and designed logos for area businesses. But I do have an inner voice that likes to criticize certain design aesthetics. One thing that drives me nuts is the use of shitty fonts, most notably Papyrus and Comic Sans. A quick Google search reveals I am not alone:

Big Bad Book Blog: Fonts that make you look lame

Wall Street Journal: Typeface inspired by comic books has become a font of ill will

Papyrus Watch - a blog devoted to documenting and exposing the overuse of the shitty Papyrus font

Ban Comic Sans - the same thing, except for Comic Sans

Is it weird that a font can make me angry?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

On being "punk rock"...

What's less "punk rock"?

- The Stooges playing at Carnegie Hall
- The crowd at Carnegie Hall not catching Iggy Pop after he stage dives
- Stage diving (played out)
- Selling your song about heroin to a luxury cruise line for use in a commercial
- Appearing in a commercial for car insurance?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Milky's Official Nacho Ratings #2

This past Friday's happy hour pub crawl concluded at the charming Perch Cafe on 5th Ave. in Brooklyn. After ingesting some absolutely delicious fries with chipotle mayo dipping sauce and equally satisfying buffalo wings at Dram Shop, I was a bit hesitant to continue chomping and drinking away the evening. However, among their fine selection of coffee and espresso, Perch also offers a PBR + whiskey shot combo for $4, which obviously necessitates an accompaniment of nachos. The vibe here was decidedly organic/vegetarian in nature, so I wasn't expecting anything too heavy-duty.

Location: Perch Cafe, Brooklyn
Price: $8

Chips: 4/5
Basic, but tasty blue corn chips.

Cheese: 2/5
The cheddar cheese was almost non-existent. What little cheddar there was tasted like a low-fat variety, but was still pretty good.

Toppings: 4/5
Heaping portions of guacamole, salsa, sour cream, black beans, and corn. The corn was sweet and delicious - a nice touch and something you don't find on many nacho platters.

Presentation: 4/5
Served in a deep bowl to keep things nice and tidy. Nothing was so watery as to sog up the chips.

Value: 3/5
At $8, about average for nachos on an appetizer menu. The portion size was on the small side, however.

Milky's Official Nacho Rating: B+